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Modern Treatment with Traditional Methods

Our goal is to treat the whole person -- that means mind, body, and spirit. Our aims to heal the root causes of an illness -- not just stop the symptoms. The philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine is that all living beings have an innate ability to heal themselves. Our vital force promotes self-cleansing, self-repair, and therefore, self-healing. This process can be achieved by focusing on the immune, hormonal, nervous, and detoxification/elimination systems of the body. Naturopathy supports the body’s natural self-healing abilities and helps it to restore balance.

There are many reasons to choose naturopathy:

  • If you have a chronic disease which is not responding to the treatments recommended by medical doctors.
  • If you are tired of taking drugs to maintain health for the rest of your life. Naturopathic treatments address the root cause instead of symptoms.
  • If you want a treatment that offers a holistic approach i.e. it considers all your symptoms and you as a whole, instead of just targeting the disease to be eliminated.
  • If you prefer natural cures to drug-based symptom treatment and want to avoid drug side effects (all drugs have side effects – even the safest approved drugs have side effects).

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