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Identifying and removing obstacles to recovery, allows for natural healing.

Underlying symptoms

Rather than stopping symptoms, a naturopathic doctor can resolve underlying physical or mental issues by treating the body, mind, and spirit.

Harmless treatment

Treatment plans should not have harmful side effects or control symptoms negatively.

Holistic treatment

A naturopathic doctor must recognize individuality to treat all aspects of a person’s health effectively.

Education in treatment

Naturopathic doctors teach self-care to help empower people against ill health.


It is good to remove toxic substances from a lifestyle to prevent problems from arising.


In consultation with the client, any of the following might be recommended:

Yoga Therapy

It is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation techniques. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Clinical Nutrition

According to Naturopathy, the root cause of most of the diseases is the accumulation of toxin matter in the digestive system. Fasting is considered as one of the most important methods of nature cure.

Massage Therapy

A treatment in which a trained and certified medical professional manipulates the soft tissues of your body — muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin — using varying degrees of pressure and movement.


Use of water (hot, cold, steam, or ice) to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being. It can soothe sore or inflamed muscles and joints, rehabilitate injured limbs, lower fevers, soothe headaches, promote relaxation, treat burns and frostbite, ease labor pains.


It focuses on the science of movement and helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function, motion and overall well-being by addressing the underlying physical issues.

Mud Therapy

It is used for giving coolness to body. It dilutes and absorbs the toxic substances of body and ultimately eliminates them from body. Mud is used successfully in different diseases like constipation, headache due to tension, high blood pressure, skin diseases etc.


The application of pressure (as with the thumbs or fingertips) to the same discrete points on the body stimulated in acupuncture that is used for its therapeutic effects (such as the relief of tension or pain).

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